The first prototype of the Facadeprinter: Model FP01 in 2005


10/2004 Start of the project: Idea of a distance printer and feasiblility tests as part of the university project "facade architecture" at University of Design and Art Karlsruhe, department of product design.
01/2005 Planning prototype FP01
03-09/2005 Construction and realization of hardware, electronics and software
10/2005 Completion of prototype FP01, test series.
05/2006 A fully functional prototype is presented at the opening of the exhibition ’Art Computer Works’ at ZKM Karlsruhe.
09/2006 Design award of Commerzbank Köln, 2nd prize
02/2007 Participation in the robotic competition of "Japan Design Foundation" in Osaka with the concept "Communication in Crisis". Honored as "Excellent Work".
12/2007 Young Innovators “Support Programm for Founders of Technology,’ Ministery for Science, Research and Art, State of Baden-Würtemberg, Germany
02/2008 Purchase of industrial property rights
08-09/2008 Conception and planning of prototype FP02
09/2008 Founders competition of the Ministry of Economy and Technology, Germany 1st Prize
10/2008 Conception and programming of control-software of FP 02; Julian Adenauer receives his degree from the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, department of mechanical engineering
11/2008 Hardware realization FP02
01-04/2009 Elaboration of electronics and control software
04/2009 First public performance in Hamburg
07/2009 Completion of prototype No. 2. Test series of consumption materials.
08/2009 First multicolored print in Berlin
09/2009 Conception of customized consumption materials
12/2009 Foundation of Sonice Development GmbH. Development and commercialization of the Facadeprinter.

The beginning

One of the first successful prints became a kind of trademark for the printer. This 4 x 4 meter rabbit was printed from 8 meters distance in an old factory building near Karlsruhe. FP01 in outdoor use Martin und Michael proudly present the first thick-skinned animal they shot. The elephant is 10 meters tall and 12 meters wide.