“Der Welt über die Straße helfen”

Posted by michael | April 7th, 2010

„To see the world across the road”, designstudies after a philosophic reflection by Peter Sloterdijk and Sven Voelker. 2010, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Munich.

Philosopher Sloterdijk and Designer Voelker discuss their points of view on contemporary design, They describe it´s origin, functions and limits,  it´s means and powers.

“The designer does not have to design by himself, he can build machines to do his work. (…)”

“We all know the inaccuracy of handmade things, and we are tired of seeing the perfection of mathematically correct surfaces. In between we find mechanical machines. They are striving for accuracy but come up with something fairly precise. Let a machine paint in watercolors (…) the result is a timeless aesthetics.”

Sven Voelker, Chapter 5, Machine, p.97 (translated from German)