Crab Pincher

Posted by michael | September 9th, 2009

finished crab pincher
This crab pincher is our first attempt in testing  multiple colour printing. The photos show the process of printing – a build up of six different coloured layers. It took one hour to apply this artwork onto the wall.During this time the dark blue layer was absorbed by the plaster concrete surface of the wall and finally not visible anymore. Nevertheless the testing was a huge success as we were able to explore and experience for the first time a multi layered print.

the first two layers of the pincher-print
the last two layers of the crab-print
The total print has the size of 5 x 2,3m and made up 2.200 colour balls. The colours we used were Cyan (195 dots), Dark Blue (185 dots), Orange (280 dots), Pink (130 dots) and Red (1430 dots). We printed at at a distance of 4.7 meters.

color mixing closeup – Lobster from Facadeprinter on Vimeo.

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